Cannabis is all the buzz in this year’s Oscars’

For years, the Oscars gift bags have been all about luxury. This year’s gift bag has something that especially stands out as a growing trend in both retail and the promotional space: cannabis.

The Oscars gift bag includes a variety of cannabis-infused products, such as THC chocolates and sativa seed extract facial moisturizer. A broad collection of cannabis products will be featured for the first time in the swag bags. Lash Fary, founder of Distinctive Assets, the brand that puts together and distributes the gift bags, told Forbes that the inclusion of cannabis products is tied to the legalization of marijuana in California. Fary says the products are designed to help celebrities with their stress and anxiety.

Catering to all Oscar Nominees, presenters, A-Lister celebrities and industry influencers, the Gift Lounge has become a sought-after venue for companies seeking to promote their innovative brands and products during the week of the most prestigious awards ceremony in the film industry.

Celebs may nosh on Coda Signature cannabis-infused edibles, topicals and concentrates. The brand reached number one in U.S. market sales for THC infused adult-use chocolates last year. The chocolates feature a range of ingredients such as chai, honey cacao, blood orange and chili. 

Added to this year’s swag bag is the “Crescendo collection” truffles, which snagged first place at the High Times Colorado Cup, come in three flavours–Earl Grey, Juniper Lemon and Burnt Caramel. Each chocolate contains 10mg of THC. The makers advise that users “start low and go slow” when consuming the candy, especially if not habitual consumers of the drug.

Los Angeles-based celebs are also getting an annual VIP membership to MOTA, L.A.’s first cannabis-friendly social club and dispensary.

For those celebs seeking a youthful appearance, age interventionist Renee Lynn will be offering her CBD Rx Supreme protocol system. The CBD-infused topical treatment is designed to slow down the effects of aging using medicinal-grade CBD rich hemp, pure hemp oils and whole-plant extracted hemp products.

Skincare brand High Beauty will have its facial moisturizer and facial oil included in this year’s goodie bag. The skincare brand specializes in cannabis-infused, all-natural beauty products.

1933 Industries’ subsidiary, Infused MFG., manufacturer of the Canna Hemp™ line of hemp-derived CBD health and wellness products, will be gifting its CBD Relief Cream and CBD Elixirs at the event which takes place at the W Hotel in Beverly Hills, California.

“We look forward to introducing our products to a celebrity audience during the week of the Academy Awards,” said Mr. Chris Rebentisch, USA Chief Operations Officer. “Our goal is to create awareness and build a connection to our Canna Hemp™ brand while educating and promoting the many benefits of cannabinoids”.

It’s not all about the swag, cannabis education takes centerstage during this Sunday’s 91st Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science Oscar telecast, as a groundbreaking media campaign for the online cannabis TV network Hmm Did You Know (HDYK) will air in the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico markets.

The spot — the first in a series showcases prominent voices in the cannabis industry and community — features former seven-term US Virgin islands Senator Positive T.A. Nelson, now the appointed Agriculture Commissioner of St. Croix, discussing the science and economic power of medical cannabis, recently legalized in the Virgin Islands,. The HDYK campaign suggests that standards are shifting for cannabis marketing in legal states. 

Medical cannabis companies in the USVI and Puerto Rico suffered millions of dollars in damage – including leveled greenhouses, lost business and rebuilding. One year after a hurricane devastated the island, medical cannabis businesses are reporting a remarkable turnaround: with more than 90 cannabis businesses currently in operation, including 54 dispensaries. About 34,000 patients have signed up for the program, up from about 12,000 last year, according to industry experts

“The rationale behind medicinal cannabis is real, the science is real, the economics behind it is real, the health behind it is real,  and the opportunities behind are very real,” former Senator Positive Nelson says in the spot promoting Hmm Did You Know Online Cannabis Network, a collaborative effort with 420MEDIA to launch an internet based digital video service that provides insight, education, and entertainment in the world of cannabis.

“We are excited to work with Senator Positive Nelson and other renowned cannabis experts in the sports, medical and entertainment field to bring much needed cannabis education to Spanish speaking communities,” said Kerri Accardi, CEO of 420MEDIA.  “Being visible in Puerto Rico during this premier television broadcast is a great first step,” she adds.

The public service announcement was co-sponsored by 420MEDIA along with several cannabis-based organizations and businesses.