Groundwork BioAg Set to Disrupt Cannabis Cultivation With DYNAMYC™ Mycorrhizal Inoculants

Groundwork BioAg, Ltd. is pleased to announce the 4/20 product launch of DYNAMYC™ premium mycorrhizal inoculants, uniquely formulated for cannabis cultivation. DYNAMYC™ products contain up to two species of endomycorrhizal fungi that are proven to improve plant nutrient uptake, to boost growth rates and to increase plant yields. DYNAMYC™ products are higher in concentration and in efficacy than most mycorrhizal inoculants currently available for cannabis. Grand View Research expects the global medical and recreational cannabis markets to reach $146B by 2025. DYNAMYC™ products are Clean Green Certified, suitable for use in sustainable and regenerative farming practices.

Commercial trial results at medical cannabis growers in Israel and in the United States have shown 10-45% yield increases, a feat which has garnered a good deal of attention from opinion leaders. Selected growers who have already experienced the products in beta tests have reported similar positive results, across numerous cannabis cultivars and growing environments.

“DYNAMYC™ is the product of years of development, including extensive bio-assays that were conducted over numerous mycorrhizal strains and cannabis cultivars, across all major cannabis cultivation methods and growing media. Professional and small-scale growers alike were consulted before deriving the most convenient formulation for product application,” stated Danny Levy, Groundwork BioAg’s VP Research and Development, adding, “Trial results are no less than phenomenal, and we look forward to helping every cannabis grower reach the full potential of the plant.”