Callitas Health Announces Notice of Allowance for a Biphasic Oral Cannabinoid Patent by U.S. Patent Office, Next Evolution of Cannabis Delivery

Callitas Health Inc., (the “Company” or “Callitas”) a clinical-stage pharmaceutical development, OTC consumer goods sales & marketing and cannabis delivery development company, today announced its Notice of Allowance for U.S Application Serial Number 16/350,351 from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for a new patent on a novel, biphasic oral “candy” that delivers tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) through oral absorption and gut metabolism. A Notice of Allowance is issued after the USPTO determines that a patent can be granted from the company’s patent application, filed in November 2018.

“This recent Notice of Allowance positions Callitas as an even stronger innovator in the cannabis pharma delivery & consumer goods markets, protecting a new and very exciting technology,” said James Thompson, CEO of Callitas. “This patent Notice of Allowance, along with our other pending patent applications in our cannabis pharma delivery and consumer goods portfolio, combined with our newly developed and expanding partnerships in the cannabis space is expected to create significant value for our shareholders.”

The Notice of Allowance for this new patented delivery technology is one of the six patent-pending (now five pending) technologies the company acquired early October of 2018 from Ronald J. Thompson, MD. The company signed a definitive patent acquisition and licensing agreement to obtain the portfolio patents in exchange for a royalty on sales for commercialized products which cover various novel cannabis delivery technologies. These include orally dissolving muco-adhesive films for superior bioavailability, sustained release cannabis effect, and a combination of both. The agreement also includes products for the appropriate individual controlled dosing of CBD and/or THC for the legal, adult use and medical marijuana markets.

Don Halgren, Esq, Dr. Thompson’s long-time advisor and patent attorney noted: “We are excited to receive this early Notice of Allowance on this first patent in Dr. Thompson’s cannabis delivery portfolio of patent applications. With the other five patents pending along with the additional patent applications for new technologies we are also working on, I expect Callitas to have a strong IP portfolio into the foreseeable future.”

“Each new patent granted and licensed takes Callitas to the next level in the cannabis industry, showing the company’s legitimacy and strength in creating and producing cannabinoid delivery products,” said Chief Medical Cannabis Advisor Dr. Gregory Smith, MD, MPH. “The Callitas team continues to bring innovative technologies to market, including controlled dosing, improved bioavailability and advanced manufacturing techniques.”