Royal CBD Announces New Cannabidiol Product Line

 the team of hemp advocates at Royal CBD, a California-based brand, launched their store to serve consumers with high-quality full-spectrum CBD extracts available in 250mg and 500mg, as well as giving them the added benefit of synergy achieved by all naturally occurring compounds in hemp.

2018 was a groundbreaking year for the entire cannabis community. Two other states legalized cannabis for recreational use, Canada went all in with legalization, and the US government introduced the new Farm Bill which acknowledged commercial sales of hemp and hemp-derived products on the federal level.

It’s no wonder that many entrepreneurs have decided to hop on the hemp bandwagon after this series of events, hence the rapid emergence of new companies selling CBD oil last year. However, the vast majority of these businesses are focused on profits before people, selling mediocre-to-low quality CBD products.

Royal CBD isn’t one of these companies. As a group of hemp advocates, the team at Royal CBD have decided to put emphasis on the two factors the aforementioned majority forgets about — simplicity and openness.

So, what does make them stand out from the crowd of mediocre vendors? Here’s what the founders say about Royal CBD’s activity:

“CBD is all the rage right now and everybody wants to stay on the top and be perceived as the best vendor. However, sometimes the marketing buzz shadows the essence of what this community is about. Companies spend thousands of dollars at pushing inferior CBD products, promising the impossible, making far-fetched claims about their CBD oil, and using fancy words like ‘higher bioavailability’ or ‘innovative technology’ to mask the lack of transparency or proof of their claims. This is a very irresponsible approach.”

“Instead, they could reinvest this money to enhance the quality of their products by sourcing their hemp from organic farms, employing environmentally safe extraction methods, and ensuring the safety of their goods with 3rd-party laboratory tests. That’s exactly what we do. When you enter our store, there are no fireworks or bold statements. Our layout is minimalistic and we only sell two kinds of CBD products as we speak. But at the same time, we’ve done our best to take these products up a notch so that our customers receive potent, full-spectrum extracts at affordable prices. We source our hemp from domestic organic farmers; our main extraction tool is supercritical CO2 which retains the highest concentrations of cannabinoids and the same level of purity; there are no chemical additives or unnecessary fillers some companies use to pump up the volume of their CBD oil — the product is our ‘marketing.'”

It’s worth noting that Royal CBD actively advocates for cannabis legalization and regularly educates their readers about the benefits of CBD and hemp in general.