Lifestyle Delivery Systems Inc. Announces the Farm Contracted by Agrotech LLC has Planted 10,000 seeds for Outdoor Cultivation

Lifestyle Delivery Systems Inc. announces that the farm managed by the Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Agrotech LLC, has planted 10,000 seeds on two acres of licensed outdoor cultivation in Sacramento, CA. 

The two one-acre farms planted the first of four crops for this cultivation season. This first crop planting of 10,000 auto flower seeds will be fully grown in 90 days. The production projections for the farms this season are over 12,000 pounds of biomass. The farms plan to yield two full auto flower harvests and two full term harvests. The full-term harvest takes longer to grow and can be used for a wider variety of products depending on the market and the needs of the Company at the time.

Casey Fenwick, President of LDS, stated, “It has been a lot of work getting to this stage and I am excited to see the progress we are making. This is an exciting time for the Company as a whole. This phase opens up a lot of new doors to the products we can sell through our anticipated dispensary and its home delivery service. Not only will it allow us to have more brands to sell, but it will also increase our margins within those brands.”

The Company’s CEO, Brad Eckenweiler, stated, “The fact that we are capable of producing 4 crops from these farms in a single season is evidence of our projected efficiencies using our genetics. The greater value may be the certainty of our cost of goods and the purity of the bio-mass produced on these farms.” 

The Company will continue to update the market on all events as they become relevant.