Weekend Unlimited’s Flagship WKND! Branded Products Begin Production

Weekend Unlimited Inc. first WKND! branded products have begun production in Washington State.

“Founded as a lifestyle brand, Weekend Unlimited’s focus is on the development, sales and distribution of brands that will appeal to the many different types of recreational users of cannabis and related products,” said Mr. Chris Backus, President and CEO of Weekend Unlimited. “The Company’s flagship WKND! brand has been met with tremendous enthusiasm by retailers and we are excited to be in production of the first WKND! branded products led by a Cannagar, which is in high demand in Washington State.”

The initial WKND! branded product line to be released in Washington State will begin with Cannagars and go on to include Vape Cartridges and Pre-rolls. The Cannagar is a cannabis cigars which is drawing great interest at retail stores from consumers in Washington State. Weekend Unlimited’s team identified the Cannagar as a high-profile way to enter the market and establish effective relationships with retailers and influencers for the Company’s flagship WKND! brand.

  • WKND! branded Cannagars are flower-packed, artisan rolled.
  • WKND! branded Cannagars are made from the highest quality Washington State hybrid, indicas, and sativas. One eighth-ounce premium is wrapped with hemp and infused with a proprietary blend of CBD isolate and terpenes.
  • WKND! branded Cannagars are available in three signature flavors – Bliss, Escape, and Now.

“As the first lifestyle brand from the Weekend Unlimited cannabis portfolio to go into production, we have emphasized the importance of a long-term, sustainable approach that can be replicated with the Company’s branded products in other markets going forward,” added Backus.

Weekend Unlimited is focused on the development of recreational lifestyle brands and the flagship WKND! brand is positioned as a premium brand designed to deliver life’s highs, anytime, anywhere.