Micro Lab Farms is Providing New Cultivation Technology for a Game Changing Cannabis Complex

 Micro Lab Farms, a premier provider of fully automated turnkey systems for rapid production of legal cannabis, announced that it is providing the cultivation technology for a revolutionary new cultivation complex that offers individuals a unique way to enter the cannabis industry in the largest market in the world.

The California Cannabis Cultivation Complex is under development and will feature over 100 of Micro Lab Farms’ Cultivation Rooms. These fully automated, individual “GrowPods” have been shown to grow cannabis at a faster rate than conventional means of agriculture.

The complex is almost fully funded, and final round investment opportunities are now available to qualified individuals.

The purchase of a unit provides a percentage of ownership in the entire complex, which is expected to generate over $20 million in gross revenues by year 3.

This turnkey project is being developed by leading real estate and cannabis experts, and vital components including water, power, licensing, environmental impact reports, and construction permits are already in place.

The host city is “cannabis friendly” and provides some of the lowest taxes in the state, as well a dedicated “Medical Marijuana Cultivation and Manufacturing Zone.”

The “Micro Farms” that are being deployed at the California Cannabis Complex allow cultivation to take place year-round, and have been shown to produce higher yields with greater consistency than other farming methods.

Micro Lab Farm’s systems eliminate pathogens, contaminants, pesticides and chemicals, to produce clean and robust crops.