Lifestyle Delivery Systems Inc. Increases Availability of CannaStrips™ to a Total of 32 Dispensaries

 Lifestyle Delivery Systems Inc. announces the delivery of its flagship product, CannaStrips™, to nine additional stores.

CannaStrips™ rollout is proceeding according to plan. As mentioned previously, the Company continues to see the current progress as an introduction and education phase, as CannaStrips™ is a market disruptor differing from other products with its discrete, effective, and true sublingual delivery. The Company’s education efforts both to the merchant and the consumer have been bolstered with CannaStrips™ being available at multiple festivals and winning First Place for Best Edible at Kushstock. The Company has been diligently working on marketing and execution of its rollout strategy as it continues to increase the brand awareness, availability, and sales of CannaStrips™.

The Company sees CannaStrips™ gaining traction among consumers who are looking for discrete, non-offensive delivery while benefiting from cannabis. Importantly, the ease of use and efficacy of CannaStrips™ appeal to the broader market throughout California.  

President of LDS, Casey Fenwick, stated, “Within four months of active sales we have seen the frequency of reorders and order size steadily increasing.  It is exciting to see our team’s hard work paying off with growing brand awareness as we increase sales. I have been having great conversations with some of the larger California brands about branding collaborations. With the anticipated increase of traffic through the CannaStrips™ website that is being updated, it will be a perfect time to finalize some of these collaborations. The CannaStrips™ sales team is continuously performing vendor days in the stores and providing customers of the stores with more information about the science of the product.”