Weekend Unlimited Announces Long-Term Product Development Capacity for its Flagship wknd! Brand

Weekend Unlimited Inc. has collaborated with product development leaders Emerald City Cultivation in Washington State to create formulations for the Company’s flagship wknd! branded product line.

“Re-enforcing the business strategy we have outlined, developing and launching the Company’s lifestyle branded products using Washington State as our incubator, we have placed a strong emphasis on product development in a customer-centric way,” said Chris Backus, Weekend President and CEO. “It is essential that each of the Company’s branded products deliver the same high quality experience to customers in all aspects including the look and feel, effect and taste and so I am excited to announce our formal collaboration with Emerald City Cultivation, a tier 2 Licensee in Seattle who has demonstrated a tremendous passion for cannabis and growing the industry in the right way.” 

Weekend Unlimited and Emerald City Cultivation teams have collaborated on the product development for the wknd! branded product portfolio, beginning with cannagars, pre-rolls and vape cartridges, establishing proprietary blends and formulations that will ensure product quality and consistency aimed at building customer loyalty, first in Washington State, and then beyond as the Company grows the brand presence to new States. The blends and formulations developed in Washington with Emerald City Cultivation will be replicated in production in new states as the Company expands, delivering a consistent customer experience.

“Emerald City Cultivation is an innovator in product development, deploying science, technology and expertise with the highest respect for the plant and the customer experience,” added Chris Backus. “The development of wknd! branded product line from cultivation to distribution requires precision, professionalism and a level of care that can be replicated in order to deliver branded products to our customers starting in Washington with our upcoming launch and then to new states as we extend the reach of the brand.”

The Company’s wknd! branded product line, using the proprietary blends and formulations developed with Emerald City Cultivation, is in full production for its upcoming launch in Washington State.