Chicago MD Launches Physician-Formulated, Lab-Tested CBD Products Patients can Trust

CBD can be found at health food stores, yoga studios, coffee shops and soon, major pharmacy retailers. As the hype over the hemp product continues to grow, more consumers are incorporating CBD into their lives to reap its potential health benefits, including natural pain and anxiety relief. Health experts warn however that not all products are created equal. CBD is not regulated by the FDA. As such, product quality can vary greatly and labels can be misleading, even false. Rahul Khare, MD, founder of Innovative Express Care and Innovative Wellness in Chicago, is an advocate of the hemp product and believes that CBD can play a significant role in symptom relief and sustained good health. Recognizing the need for a product that patients could trust, Khare worked with hemp manufacturers to create a line of physician-formulated, lab-tested, CBD products. Khare’s products are available in his Chicago clinics, online, and at a new retail store opening June 11 in Lincoln Park.

Innovative Wellness, located at 1552 W. Fullerton Avenue in Chicago, will carry seven CBD products in the form of tinctures and topical balms. Khare will have staff on-site to educate patients on how CBD supports good health and assist customers in choosing products best suited for their individual needs. Patients who qualify for their medical cannabis card can also speak with a cannabis educator on-site to learn more about the state’s medical marijuana program and the conditions responding to cannabis for symptom control. Innovative Wellness products include:

  • Enlighten – full spectrum CBD tincture with turmeric to target pain and inflammation
  • Tranquility – full spectrum CBD tincture with essential oils to support anxiety relief
  • Restore – full spectrum CBD tincture with natural terpenes for continued good health
  • Innovative Original – full spectrum CBD tincture
  • Rich Relax – highly concentrated, full spectrum CBD topical with lavender
  • Rich Terpenated – CBD topical with 27 essential oils for muscle, joint and nerve pain
  • Golden Nectar CBD & Coconut Oil – broad spectrum, whole plant CBD with coconut oil

“As physicians, we need to open our eyes and minds to new treatment approaches. Cannabis and hemp derived products are part of that,” said Khare. “CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory that can complement traditional treatments, and aid in anxiety and pain relief. CBD also contains healthy omega fatty acids.”

Khare’s vision for Innovative Wellness stemmed from his decades of experience treating patients, many of whom have grappled with chronic pain. He uses CBD himself, and believes in its value so much that he also gives the tincture to his teenage son as a daily supplement to support good health.

“Our CBD products are full-spectrum and made from whole-plant hemp,” said Khare. “Every product is lab tested for quality and we make those reports available to patients so they can be confident in the product they are taking.”