Illinois will be hiring thousands into the cannabis industry in 2020

HempStaff, Cannabis Recruiters and Trainers, Ramp Up for Cannabis Legalization in Illinois

Illinois is the first state to legalize cannabis through a state legislature!

HempStaff is the Cannabis & Hemp Industry’s Leading Recruiting and Training Agency. HempStaff has been helping the Illinois Medical Marijuana program with experienced and trained candidates since early 2015.

HempStaff is excited to continue their support of Illinois’ new Adult Use Marijuana program and will be returning to Chicago on Aug. 17, 2019, for our 16th time over the last four years, to host Dispensary Agent Training Certification Classes. To date, HempStaff has hosted over 28 classes in Illinois, proudly certifying over 1,400 of their more than 7,500 nationwide students. Many of these HempStaff students make up a good portion of the current Illinois medical marijuana workforce currently. Now many more of them are either are ready to dive into this new and ever-expanding cannabis industry with the influx of thousands of cannabis jobs that will become available in 2020, thanks to the Illinois new adult-use cannabis program.

The HempStaff four-hour dispensary training course will prepare students to work in a marijuana dispensary. HempStaff Dispensary Agent Training classes are designed to help students get an overall understanding of the cannabis industry and the regulations for both Medical and Adult-Use. The course specializes in dispensary employee education that includes the cannabinoids, terpenes and the types of cannabis products offered nationwide along with advice on how to recommend the appropriate medical cannabis dosage. The course also offers a resume template, resume and cover letter instructions and a list of interviewing tips – all to prepare students for cannabis industry interviews.

“Many people think, just because it is adult-use cannabis instead of medical cannabis, that the customer and dispensary agents don’t need to know about the medical benefits of cannabis. This could not be further from the truth. Recent studies have shown almost every customer buying recreational cannabis is using it for some type of medical relief, if maybe to sleep better, to reduce pain or just to de-stress. This means it is equally important to have knowledgeable dispensary staff in an adult-use dispensary as it is in a medical dispensary,” said James Yagielo, CEO of HempStaff.

At the end of the training class, an exam is offered that allows the student to earn a HempStaff Certification and add ‘HempStaff Certified’ to their resume. This certification can help students stand out when applying for a job at a dispensary. In addition to boosting resumes, the course concentrates on local regulations and business expectations.

HempStaff has recently announced their attendance as one of the premier exhibitors at the 2019 Cannabis Industrial Marketplace Summit & Expo, Sept. 19 & 20, 2019 in Rosemont, Illinois. HempStaff Business Developers will be on hand to speak with current and future cannabis business owners to discuss their employment needs as well as HempStaff Recruiters will be there to speak with potential cannabis candidates on Thursday and Friday. On Saturday, the training team will be at the Embassy Suites – Rosemont, hosting two more Dispensary Agent Training Classes at 8 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. 

If you can’t make either of those state-specific Illinois sessions, HempStaff will also host a St. Louis, MO class on Sept. 14 that will include Illinois and Missouri regulations as well.

The cannabis industry is the fastest growing job market in the United States and as more states begin to approve adult-use, medical marijuana and hemp programs, there will be a continued demand for jobs. In 2019, more than 211,000 Americans support their families and communities with legal cannabis jobs, according to a special report by Leafly.