California Consumer Access to CannaStrips™ Now in a Total of 42 Dispensaries

Lifestyle Delivery Systems Inc. announces 10 additional dispensaries as CSPA Group, Inc., the Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, continues to expand the availability of its flagship product, CannaStrips™, within the California market.

CannaStrips™ availability continues to grow as planned and the positive consumer feedback is great to hear as the Company gains additional exposure in the recreational market throughout California.  The Company continues to identify industry influencers and potential collaborative partners to realize the market potential of its discreet and effective CannaStrips™. 

CSPA’s team holds vendor days, trains retailers, and educates budtenders about the vast advantages that CannaStrips™ have over anything else on the store shelf.  Casey Fenwick, the President of LDS, stated, “We are seeing the benefits of our customer focussed approach as the educated retailers and customers recommend our product thereby increasing sales and the speed of reorders.  The affordability of CannaStrips™ immediately removes any consumer purchase apprehension and encourages traditional cannabis consumers to explore a new product and realize the social benefits of adding CannaStrips™ to their cannabis use.  Continuing to gain market awareness is hugely beneficial as we approach critical mass and full market acceptance of CannaStrips™. The feedback from consumers is very positive on efficacy, ease of use, discretion and ability to use the product in nearly any social setting.” 

Below are 10 new dispensaries carrying CannaStrips™:
Patient Care First
Doctors Choice
Silverstreak Delivery
Honest Choice
The Higher Conscience
The Peoples Remedy (McHenry)
LA Kush
Safe Capitol Compassion Co-Op
LPC Delivery