Digipath Reports Significant Progress on GroSciences’ Tru-Hemp ID Kit

 Digipath, Inc. a service-oriented independent testing laboratory, data analytics and formulation firm focused on the developing cannabis and hemp markets, is pleased to announce that the Company’s GroSciences subsidiary has made significant progress in developing its Tru-Hemp ID project, with commercial availability targeted for late 2019/early 2020. GroSciences is Digipath’s wholly owned subsidiary which combines years of testing data and proprietary research to create “The Science to Succeed” for clients wanting expert guidance on formulations, identification, and more.

As previously reported, Digipath, via GroSciences, has been developing a field testing kit for hemp, cannabis and other related products with a myriad of applications from law enforcement to growers. GroSciences has now successfully completed the in-house testing of its prototype Tru-Hemp ID DNA-based assay kits at two separate laboratories. Tru-Hemp ID distinguishes industrial hemp which is legal under the 2018 Farm Bill, from drug-type cannabis.  The kit is expected to serve a growing need in the burgeoning hemp industry, since legal hemp is not visually distinguishable from high-THC marijuana, a Schedule I Controlled Substance.

Currently, GroSciences plans to beta-test Tru-Hemp ID in August in Vermont, New York and North Carolina, with talks underway with hemp growers and regulators in Oregon, Colorado and California.

“We have made significant progress in developing GroSciences’ molecular assay, Tru-Hemp ID,” stated Chief Science Officer for Digipath, Dr. Cindy Orser. “In addition to developing the technology for the Tru-Hemp ID testing kit, we are partnering with leading hemp growers to conduct independent testing using our technology, which we expect to help accelerate our path to market and commercial acceptance of our testing kit.”

“The deployment of Tru-Hemp ID in the commercial marketplace will provide Digipath with a new revenue stream,” added Todd Denkin, CEO, Digipath. “Our goal is to not just be a leading testing lab, but a leading canna-tech company.”