Not Your Average DWiiNK! Mike Tyson’s The Ranch Companies launches DWiiNK Line of CBD-Enhanced Beverages

Mike Tyson’s The Ranch Companies launches DWiiNK Line of CBD-Enhanced Beverages

The Ranch Companies, founded by Mike Tyson and Rob Hickman, launched a new line of CBD-enhanced beverages known as DWiiNK.

DWiiNK beverages are infused with 10mg of CBD and available in four flavors: Original (Unflavored), Pineapple Orange, Watermelon and Mixed Berry. DWiiNK will be initially available at convenience stores in Los Angeles.

“DWiiNK has been in development for the past 18 months, and it has been well worth the wait,” said DWiiNK President Steven Krane. “It has been described as the best-tasting and highest-quality CBD beverage available.”Mike Tyson has been outspoken about the quality of the cannabis he puts his name on. Since he founded The Ranch Companies, every single product developed has lived up to his standard of excellence.

For such a premium product, one might expect premium pricing— but that’s where DWiiNK differs. Unlike other premium CBD-infused beverages, DWiiNK will be an affordable product for all, priced at just $3.99 for a 16.9oz bottle to encourage mass distribution at retail.

DWiiNK’s launch comes amidst a spike in interest in functional CBD-infused beverages. Cowen Research confirmed this in its recent report, “Cowen’s Collective View of CBD.” Released in February 2019, it highlights current CBD usage trends and predicted growth. According to the report, the CBD beverage category is expected to grow to a $900M opportunity within two years.

And, of all those surveyed, 20% of CBD users consume beverages. For 2019, Cowen is forecasting a notable acceleration in growth, with revenues more than doubling to $600M. Assuming growth slows in 2020 (to 50%), its possible revenues will approach the $1B mark.

“DWiiNK is an exciting new addition to The Ranch’s growing portfolio of branded products,” says Rob Hickman. “We expect it to be the dominant CBD beverage as a result of its incredible quality and affordable pricing.”

One thing is certain: DWiiNK’s debut marks the start of an exciting chapter for the CBD industry. Consumers no longer will have to choose between affordability and quality. The benefits of high-quality CBD-infused beverages — that actually taste good — can now be enjoyed by anyone who wants to experience them.

The Ranch Companies, Inc. was founded by former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson and branding expert Rob Hickman to create a diversified cannabis company. The Company leverages the unique operating backgrounds of management together with the massive marketability of top-tier celebrities with high-value international brands.  The Company does not engage in any “plant-touching” operations but supports numerous aspects of the segment with their encompassing goods and services.