Time to Paws CBD Box by CUDDLY and MyJane

CUDDLY Debuts CBD Box For Pets And Their Parents

 CUDDLY, a mission-driven company devoted to the well-being of animals in rescue and at home, teamed-up with MyJane to create the CBD box “Time to Paws” aiming to ease stress and anxiety for pets and people alike.

MyJane is a California-based wellness technology platform curating personalized cannabis experiences for women. MyJane has worked to demystify the world of cannabis to make it more accessible by acting as a guide for women interested in these ever-evolving products.

When CUDDLY entered the scene in 2014, roughly 3 million companion animals were being euthanized every year in the U.S., mainly because of health and temperament issues. Since that time, CUDDLY’s mission has been to relieve the financial burden of medical bills, training, and other necessities that force animal rescues to make heartbreaking decisions.

“This CBD box offers more than just products, it offers hope,” said Bridget Bowhay, the Director of eCommerce Partnerships at CUDDLY. “Many of these pets have gone through terrible circumstances and the stress associated with this plays a role in their health, disposition, and ultimately their chances of survival.”

The ‘Time to Paws’ gift box includes a variety of CBD products including sprays, drops and balms, to help pets and their human counterpart relax. These could be used during anxious moments of separation and holidays, or as part of a pet’s everyday health care routine. For pets, the box features products including Lavender Bath Bomb by Kush Queen and yummy CBD Pet Travel Sprays.

“When I met the team at CUDDLY, I knew our missions aligned,” said Kim Kovacs, MyJane’s Founder and President. “So much focus has been placed on nutrition for pets, but being able to take a step beyond that to ensure holistic wellness means the whole family, including our four-legged kids, can thrive.”