BevMo! To Exclusively Carry Two Roots Brewing Co. Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer

 Two Roots Brewing Co.™ announces today its mainstream retail debut for adding non-alcoholic craft beers in BevMo! stores across California. Already known for being the world’s first non-alcoholic THC infused craft beers by Cannabiniers, Two Roots Brewing Co. is expanding its reach beyond the cannabis market, becoming the first company worldwide to offer a beverage that touches three key channels – alcohol, non-alcoholic, and cannabis infused.

Non-alcoholic beer is one of the fastest growing segments in the beer market, growing at approximately an 8% CAGR over the past few years. Due to an increasing demand for healthier, more mindful consumption, non-alcoholic beer continues to capture significant market share among younger audiences internationally and across the United States. Two Roots Brewing Co. offers consumers an authentic craft beer experience, that is low calorie, vitamin B12 fortified, and electrolyte filled beverage that can be incorporated into a daily, active lifestyle.

“Non-alcoholic beer is one of the fastest growing segments and we are expanding the category by offering our consumers various options within the category. We’re thrilled to exclusively offer Two Roots Brewing Co. in all of our locations in California,” said Amy Gutierrez, Category Manager – Beer & DSO Beverages BevMo!.

Two Roots Brewing Co. lager, IPA, and wheat non-alcoholic styles will be on shelves at BevMo! locations throughout California, along with Two Roots Brewing Co.’s seasonal flavor Mango Dango and a limited-edition tribute style beer, highlighting the taste of cannabis, called ‘Straight Drank.’ Two Roots Brewing Co. hopes to expand its BevMo! collaboration this year by adding a variety of alcoholic versions to its product selection.

BevMo!, the west coast’s leading alcoholic beverage specialty retailer, maintains more than 160 stores located throughout California, Arizona and Washington. With a product-knowledgeable team to assist both enthusiasts and first-time buyers of wine, spirits and beer, BevMo! offers consumers a unique, friendly and welcoming environment to purchase competitively priced alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. 

“The demand for high-quality, healthier, low-calorie products continues to grow, and we’re excited to partner with BevMo!, so that those who don’t find themselves visiting a dispensary can still enjoy the taste of our craft beers in their native form,” said Michael Hayford, CEO of Lighthouse Strategies, parent company to Two Roots Brewing Co. “With the goal of reaching all consumers, Two Roots is the first cannabis brand to enter traditional retail, and in doing tackling three key beverage segments; craft beer, non-alcoholic craft beer and cannabis infused non-alcoholic craft beer, and two of the fastest growing global trends.”

Two Roots Brewing Co. tinnys will be available at BevMo! stores in six packs across California starting, September 2019. For more information about Two Roots Brewing and BevMo!, please visit and