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EcoGen Laboratories Creates Strategic Proprietary Extraction Equipment to Advance Supply Chain

 EcoGen Laboratories, the leading vertically-integrated manufacturer and supplier of hemp-derived specialty ingredients in the United States, announced the advancement of their proprietary extraction equipment responsible for the company’s strategy behind advancing their supply chain.

Engineering design and fabrication of industrial scale extraction equipment is what sets EcoGen Laboratories apart from its competitors. The company’s Co-Founder, Joseph Nunez’s experience began prior to CBD becoming popular. Mr. Nunez owned an equipment manufacturing company that built and sold closed loop extractors for the medical cannabis industry. The machinery he built at the time was too large of scale for the small connoisseur market which was only focused on medical cannabis. After acquiring hemp seeds and a farm of 400+ acres, he learned that there was a massive need in the industry for processing and extraction; and that is where the standard began for EcoGen Laboratories. 

“My motivation behind developing rather than buying off-the-shelf extraction equipment was based on the fact that there hasn’t been any equipment specifically designed for extraction of CBD. I was convinced that what was available on the market wasn’t what we needed to build the company to where it is today,” said Joseph Nunez, Co-Founder of EcoGen Laboratories. “Currently there is a big problem in the hemp/CBD industry with being able to produce large scale bulk ingredients for brands that are formulating products. The answer to this problem is through our unique production line of supplying CBD and other cannabinoids to fill large scale orders. We are the gatekeeper between the farmers and the customers who need bulk amounts of products that we produce efficiently and effectively.”

EcoGen Laboratories offers an extensive selection of hemp CBD-derived specialty ingredients and various forms of proprietary formulations from white label CBD, to raw materials such as CBD isolate, full spectrum CBD oil, water-dispersible CBD, and THC-free CBD, in addition to high CBD seed genetics. The Company is a leader in white label and finished goods manufacturing in the beverage, food, cosmetics, tobacco, wellness, pharmaceuticals and pet industries. EcoGen has manufactured products for the world’s largest brands which can be seen on the shelves at CVS and Sephora from tinctures, gummies, soft gels, to beauty topicals and hair products.

EcoGen Laboratories’ proprietary extraction equipment has reshaped and revolutionized the entire landscape of the CBD industry in a very short span of time. The epitome of true vertical integration comes from the company’s standard practices of CBD seed genetics to organic farming practices and proprietary custom-made extraction and processing equipment. The company will be launching their newest piece of machinery in September, which will be the largest hydrocarbon hemp extractor in the world. The company is at the forefront of discovery and will be offering bulk CBD to keep up with the supply chain as well as other cannabinoids not currently available on the market.