Santa Barbara’s Premier Cannabis Dispensary Coastal Opens Its Doors

On Thursday, the first premier luxury cannabis dispensary to serve the Central Coast will celebrate its grand opening in downtown Santa Barbara with a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by community and industry leaders. Coastal is a premium retail cannabis brand based in Santa Barbara with plans to expand into communities across California over the next year. Coastal earned the top score in Santa Barbara City’s competitive, merit-based license application process, which is now emerging as a model for cities nationwide.

Coastal built its first state-of-the-art cannabis dispensary opening today in a 6,000 square foot facility with the sleek and active feel of a luxury retail store. “As a vertically integrated, retail focused cannabis company, we are excited to be a leader in ensuring that the legal cannabis industry in Santa Barbara is the gold standard for California and beyond,” said Julian Michalowski, CEO of Coastal. “As one of the only dispensaries in the region, we take our responsibility of stewardship seriously. We believe in the importance of working together as an industry and are committed to being a thoughtful, trusted, and responsible community partner,” Michalowski added.

Coastal currently employs 50 team members in Santa Barbara with well-paying jobs and benefits. The company plans to grow to over 100 employees in the region by the end of the year. Coastal is currently building their delivery, distribution, and manufacturing hub in downtown Santa Barbara, along with a delivery location in San Luis Obispo and a retail dispensary with delivery in Lompoc.

“We are focused on highlighting the importance of a healthy, happy, and active lifestyle and will strive to foster this in all aspects of our operations—from our company culture to the products we sell,” said Devon Wardlow, Director of Public Affairs of Coastal. “We are creating a culture that promotes an active lifestyle while staying attuned to the recreational activities unique to our community. Coastal is committed to highlighting the importance of a healthy, happy lifestyle in all communities that we serve,” Wardlow added.

Coastal has developed a tailored menu of the top cannabis brands of California and will be manufacturing their own line of local cannabis products at their additional facility in downtown Santa Barbara. “Our diverse inventory ensures that all customers—whether new or experienced—will find the products that they are looking for in an environment focused on service and education,” notes Malante Hayworth, Chief Operating Officer of Coastal. Coastal products will be available in its stores as well as in dispensaries across the state.

Committed to being an engaged community partner, Coastal has created an employee community service and philanthropic donations program, Coastal Cares. Today, Coastal announced local participating non-profits, Unity Shoppe and PATH. “We are thrilled to be working with such exceptional local groups that are addressing some of the most pressing needs in our community,” explained Wardlow.

Coastal’s Community Engagement Ambassador, Kenny Loggins, renowned musician and longtime Santa Barbara resident, highlights Coastal’s commitment to community service, “I have been continuously impressed by Coastal’s leadership and passion for uplifting the Santa Barbara community. The launch of Coastal Cares, with such strong local non-profits as, Unity Shoppe and PATH, is a great step in ensuring that the community as a whole benefits from the legal cannabis market.”

As part of employment at Coastal, all team members participate in our “Coastal Cares” program. Team members will participate in quarterly community service engagements through Coastal Cares. Coastal will compensate team members the same as if they worked a normal day. Additionally, Coastal will support their teams’ efforts through monetary donations as part of Coastal’s commitment to donating 2% of net profits back into the community.

“It will be our pleasure to host Coastal team members who will come to volunteer on a regular basis at our Family Services Center. Coastal’s strong commitment to community engagement and ensuring that the needs of those within are community are met, is admirable. We are excited to have the opportunity to participate in the Coastal Cares program and look forward to getting to know the wonderful team member-volunteers of Coastal!” notes Elvira Avina, Administrative Director of Unity Shoppe.

“PATH is grateful to Coastal for supporting our mission to help individuals, families and communities end their homelessness,” explains, John “JB” Bowlin, Associate Director at PATH. “As part of our work in Santa Barbara, PATH partners with local businesses like Coastal to create volunteer opportunities for employees that allow them to engage on civic issues and give back to their community. We are thankful for Coastal encouraging their team to donate their time for volunteering at PATH and we look forward to a fruitful and rewarding partnership,” Bowlin added.

Santa Barbara is at the forefront of the nation’s legal cannabis industry, making Coastal’s launch an important marker in shaping its future in the region. Josh Ginsberg, Coastal’s Chief Strategy Officer, heralded today’s opening saying, “the Coastal team has built its business to be finely attuned to the community’s needs and concerns while innovating what it means to be a cannabis dispensary. It’s really exciting to see them leading by example and usher in this new chapter.” Ginsberg is the co-founder of the Colorado-based Native Roots Dispensary Group, one of the largest legal cannabis production and distribution companies in the world.

To celebrate the opening today, Coastal will be hosting an official ribbon-cutting ceremony with the community at 3pm PST at its Santa Barbara location at 1019 Chapala Street and hold events for the general public with promotions through Sunday.