Sundae School Will Enter The Cannabis Industry With A Line Of High-End Goods

Sundae School, a smokewear fashion label and cannabis brand, is officially launching their premiere cannabis collection of high-end goods in artisanal California dispensaries and retailers starting in September. After four seasons of designing ready-to-wear collections for the functional and creative smoker, this will be the brand’s first entry into the cannabis market to cement their unique positioning as a fashion label crossing into cannabis to provide an elevated and curated smoking experience.

The cannabis launch will include pre-rolls that feature three different strains of cannabis: Eureka, which is sativa-dominant; Kickback, which is CBD-dominant; and Nightcap, which is indica-dominant in two different size categories. The first category is the 0.3 gram “Bullets” that pack a tiny but mighty punch available in a pack of eight. The second category is the 1 gram “Party” roll joint infused in distillate and dipped in kief sold as a single pre-roll. As a brand that believes in smoking to pursue a “higher education” the “Bullets” are meant to be the perfect single dose to optimize productivity and creativity while the “Party” roll is the ultimate party accessory for a shared experience.

“We are beyond excited to officially enter the cannabis market with a collection of highly-crafted, premium goods,” said Mia Park, co-founder of Sundae School. “It’s been a dream to curate an elevated cannabis experience and we’re proud to showcase our new line that emphasizes our belief that cannabis is a catalyst to unlock anyone’s creative potential.”

The cannabis collection will be available at all MedMen and LAPCG stores in California starting mid-September. The “Bullet” pre-roll joints are priced at $35-$40 for a pack of eight and the Eureka (Sativa) and Nightcap (indica) “Party” roll will retail for $22-$27.50. The Kickback (CBD) “Party” roll will retail for $15-$18.

“Sundae School will always remain a design studio so we’ll continue to curate our ready-to-wear in parallel to our new venture within cannabis,” said Dae Lim, co-founder of Sundae School. “Our vision to share stories in the form of fashion and cannabis still remains the same since we first started the brand and we’re excited to grow our community in both industries.”