1933 Industries Brings the Iconic Jack Herer Brand to Nevada

Licensing Agreement Expands the Company’s Portfolio of Industry Leading Brands with the Preeminent The Original Jack Herer®

1933 Industries announces an exclusive Licensing Agreement (the “Agreement”) between its subsidiary, Alternative Medicine Association (AMA) and HH Global Inc., for the intellectual property rights to The Original Jack Herer® brand of cannabis products in Nevada, for a one-year term. Under the terms of the Agreement, AMA will license, market and distribute The Original Jack Herer® flower, pre-rolls, vape cartridges and concentrates for the growing Nevada market.

Created in the Netherlands in the mid-1990s and recognized world-wide, Jack Herer is a sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain well-known for its quality and potency.  Winner of several awards, including the 7th High Times Cannabis Cup, the strain was named after the “Emperor of Hemp” Mr. Jack Herer. Bestselling author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes, Mr. Herer was an American cannabis decriminalization activist often credited for forging the marijuana legalization movement.

“Our goal is to create and work with brands that enhance, connect and support people to live better lives”, said the Company’s CEO, Mr. Chris Rebentisch.  “Working with the team behind one of the most revered strains in the US is an absolute honour. Jack Herer are experts in cultivation and breeding, having produced award-winning strains and will be helping AMA create superior flower for the discerning Nevada market.”

The CEO of The Original Jack Herer® states, “There is strong synergy between the philosophy of 1933 Industries and the legacy of The Original Jack Herer® brand. We believe the partnership will be a great representation of our mutual values and desire to bring award winning cannabis products to Nevada, and the rest of the world. We believe 1933 Industries has unparalleled opportunity for expansion given their relationships, resources, and expertise, which is why we’ve selected them as our exclusive partner in Nevada.”

AMA cultivates and produces its own line of branded products and has attained licensing deals with key cannabis brands due to its focus on vertical integration across the entire value chain, from cultivation, extraction, production, and brand development, to marketing, education and distribution. AMA has built significant cultivation space in its newly opened cannabis production facility situated in Las Vegas and boasts in-house cultivation expertise and know-how to produce top strains for its licensing partners. The Company has also built distribution channels across Nevada where it is one of the largest wholesaler of concentrates with products in every licensed dispensary, including Planet 13’s Las Vegas Superstore and Medmen.

“We are extremely excited to represent Jack Herer as the iconic brand complements and aligns well with our growing portfolio of premium brands and speaks to the level of quality we have established in Nevada”, added Mr. Rebentisch. “While many companies are only beginning to recognize the importance of the emerging US cannabis market, we have secured a first-mover advantage in Las Vegas with a large portfolio of products, infrastructure assets, growing sales and expanding distribution channels, which makes us an attractive partner in the State.”