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PurHealthRX ® Announces Completion of the First Major Non-pharmaceutical CBD Study in Humans

PurHealthRX ® completed the first major clinical study looking at the anti-aging effects and safety of full spectrum hemp CBD oil in human subjects. The study was completed with support from the National Institute of Health (NIH).

The randomized placebo-controlled study on 150 patients showed that full spectrum hemp CBD oil had a significant effect on a multitude of anti-aging related factors.

The study looked at inflammation markers, cardiovascular and metabolism indicators while also tracking anxiety and sleep.

“We are very pleased that our Purzorb® formulation of full spectrum hemp CBD oil showed such a strong effect in these anti-aging factors,” said Matt Smith, CEO.

“Inflammation and cardiovascular problems are part of the aging process. By showing a significant effect on so many of these factors, there is strong evidence that the endocannabinoid system plays a significant role in the anti-aging process,” Smith said.

According to Smith, this is the first non-pharmaceutical study demonstrating both the safety and efficacy of naturally occurring cannabinoids such as CBD.

PurHealthRX ® scientists have been working on methods to deliver naturally occurring cannabinoids since 2014. “Working with industrial hemp since the 2014 Farm Bill passed has given us a great understanding of the problems that face this market,” Smith explained.

“The inconsistencies, impurities and no standardization, coupled with a lack of clinical data, has created a lot of confusion with consumers who could really benefit from CBD products,” Smith said. The study looked at inflammatory markers such as Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha, Interleukin 6, C-Reactive Protein and NF-κB. Metabolism and cardiovascular indicators such as HA1c, LDL/HDL and Homocysteine levels were also measured. One of the significant findings was that the HA1c levels dropped by an average of almost one point in the test subjects.