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Colorado CBD Seed Announces Agreement with University of Florida to Donate Feminized Hemp Seeds for Agricultural Hemp Research

Colorado CBD Seed, an HM Health LLC company, announces that it has signed an agreement to donate their proprietary Abacus Early Bird™ feminized hemp seed, a hemp cultivar known for its early maturity and vigorous growth, to the UF, University of Florida for agricultural hemp research.

The objective of the university’s research program is to see how the Abacus Early Bird™ cultivar performs in different parts of the state of Florida given the state’s high humidity and heat conditions.

Marc Brannigan, CEO and Co-founder of HM Health LLC, and a graduate of the University of Florida says, “It is a great feeling to be a part of this project with the University of Florida and to be a part of their research in the hemp industry. We feel the Early Bird™ hemp cultivar will do well in both northern and southern Florida.”

Humidity is a critical element in hemp cultivation. Hemp crop success can be heavily impacted by humidity levels so it is extremely important to know how a particular hemp cultivar will perform when attempting to grow the crop outdoors in high humidity regions of the country. The goal is to produce crops resistant to disease and mold complications while maximizing both plant health and yield.

The University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) has developed an international reputation for its accomplishments in agricultural research. With facilities located throughout Florida’s diverse climate, their research on the performance of the Abacus Early BirdTM cultivar will be a valuable asset for farmers seeking to produce successful crops in similarly challenging climates.

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