Vella, a female sexual enhancement serum by Manna Molecular, is now available for purchase.

MANNA Molecular Science Launches CBD Topical, Vella, for Female Sexual Enhancement

Manna Molecular Science, LLC announced the commercial availability of its breakthrough topical serum, Vella. The first product launch in the MannaSX line, Vella was developed to address women’s distinct sexual needs. MANNA utilized proprietary liposomal technology to create the serum, and it is the first to demonstrate clinical efficacy of CBD for sexual enhancement in the field of women’s sexual health. 

“MANNA is the first company to provide scientific evidence supporting the launch of a CBD product for sexual well-being. Our goal was to develop a CBD product that afforded tangible benefits to women. The specific formulation is condom-compatible and paraben-free,” said Nial DeMena, CEO and Co-Founder of MANNA.  “Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Harin Padma-Nathan, was the lead clinical trial investigator for Viagra® and instills an evidence-based approach into our product development. MannaSX Business Unit Leader Rachel Scherl lends her extensive experience in working in fem-healthtech, giving us the confidence that we’re building the long-term foundations for the company.” 

MANNA is the only company to conduct studies on the effects of CBD on sexual outcomes. “We conducted organ bath studies to measure dose response pharmacological effects, as well as at-home case studies among women,” said Dr. Padma-Nathan.

Vella will be offered in both multi-use (200 mg) and single-use (20 mg) applications, and available for purchase at major dispensaries across the country and directly through Additionally, Vella will soon be available in major retail stores, and a CBD/THC version will be launched in February 2020, in compliance with state regulations.