Canopy Growth Introduces First & Free – A Line of Branded Hemp-Derived CBD Products to the U.S. Market

Canopy Growth Corporation, USA, LLC launched of First & Free – a hemp-derived CBD product line offered in a variety of formats, including softgels, oil drops and creams. The products will be available for purchase on the company’s first e-commerce site:

Perfected through state-of-the-art technology and rigorous testing, First & Free products are created by extracting and isolating derivatives from the hemp plant to produce pure and consistent CBD formulations that are packaged in easy-to-use formats.

First & Free marks a new way for US consumers to purchase quality CBD products from a trusted source,” said Rade Kovacevic, President, Canopy Growth. “Through state-of-the art extraction methods, strict quality control measures, and scientific research, we are delivering a best-in-class product to the market.”

At launch, the First & Free brand will offer the following hemp-derived CBD products:

  • First & Free Oil Drops
    • Unflavored 25 mg per mL (750 mg per 30 mL bottle)
    • Peppermint flavor 25 mg per mL (750 mg per 30 mL bottle)
  • First & Free Softgels
    • 250 mg CBD carton (10 softgels)
    • 750 mg CBD  bottle (30 softgels)
    • 1500 mg CBD bottle (30 softgels)
  • First & Free Creams*
    • 2500 mg Everyday Cream (CBD Only)
    • 2500 mg Motion Cream (CBD + Arnica)
    • 2500 mg Revitalize Cream (CBD + Capsaicin)

Canopy Growth is committed to selling only high-quality, tested and reliable products, and ensuring it makes no claims unless clinically validated. This means selling First & Free products only in states where permissible under state law in order to ensure compliance with state consumer protection mandates and following the most stringent state laws regarding sale of CBD. The Company is also abiding by existing FDA regulations for manufacturing, labeling and marketing dietary supplements.

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Here’s to Future (United States made, First & Free CBD) Growth.

* Creams coming soon