Agrozen R&D Cultivation Center

Agrozen Life Sciences Launches R&D Hemp Cultivation Center

 Agrozen Life Sciences, launched a Research and Development (R&D) Cultivation Center to identify the best hemp genetics. The research facility is setup to perform structured tests by introducing various variables to understand how hemp strains react during germination, vegetation, and flowering stages of plant development. During the detailed research process, mature plants are tested to determine cannabinoid profiles on HPLC lab equipment. Hemp strains showing signs of stress or low cannabinoid production are removed while stronger plants are cloned for further research.

“Our new R&D Cultivation Center in Carmel, IN, allows us to test various hemp strains, soils, lights, nutrients, and other medium to identify the best possible genetics for cloning and reproduction of phenotypes selected,” states Austin Schroeder, Co-Founder and VP of Operations. “With the addition of our new testing laboratory, Agrozen has the ability to test hemp material with pinpoint accuracy which determines cannabinoid profiles and ensure THC levels are compliant with federal and state levels,” he adds.

As a licensed hemp grower and processor in the State of Indiana with oversight from Purdue University, Agrozen Life Sciences is investing heavily in the hemp industry to determine optimal hemp genetics for premium CBD products. “Agrozen Life Sciences has put in a lot of time and energy to help move the hemp industry forward and I’m happy to see innovative programs in the state,” says Marguerite Bolt, Purdue University Hemp Specialist.

To learn more about Agrozen Life Sciences, visit or call 844.655.6935. Discover Natures Wellness with Agrozen branded products.