NUYU Wellness Rocks the Skincare Market with CBD Infused Beauty Products

Sales of products infused with CBD (Cannabidiol) continue to rise, more than doubling since 2017. Growing nearly as fast as its reported sales margins are the equally expansive list of CBD’s medicinal benefits.

Originally known for its ability to help treat seizures and ease cancer symptoms, since its rise in popularity CBD has been used for every ailment from anxiety to inflammation, often out-performing pharmaceuticals, with a lower risk of harmful side effects. In recent years medical research has finally turned its attention to CBD’s healing qualities in a brand new field: Skincare.

NUYU Wellness, a California based company known for producing high-quality CBD infused products, has entered the world of skincare focusing on consumers looking for natural herbal beauty products with the added benefits of CBD. NUYU’s range of skincare products includes a face wash, vitamin C serum, hydrating moisturizer and eye cream all utilizing CBD for clearer, healthier skin.

As an anti-inflammatory, CBD helps to calm irritated skin, reduces redness and inflammation that can cause pores to become damaged and expand. CBD also works by putting nutrients such as naturally occurring vitamins A, C, and E, as well as specific B complex vitamins. CBD for skincare works as an antioxidant, anti-aging, protects collagen and anti-acne.

As CBD takes off, in the world of skincare, some companies have set their price points in the hundreds, marketing themselves as luxury goods. By sourcing locally NUYU can keep its products affordable and accessible to all consumers while maintaining their triple-certified standard of high-quality CBD. These rigorous standards also ensure that NUYU’s products are 0% THC. THC is the psychoactive chemical most often associated with marijuana. Because other companies use CBD oil that still contains some percentage of THC, not all CBD products can be shipped across the United States, due to differences in state laws. NUYU ensures that its products can be safely shipped to all fifty states.

Aside from their incredible line of CBD infused skincare products, NUYU also sells traditional CBD tinctures and a muscle and joint Roll on Relief, with new products launching all the time. All NUYU’s products not only contain CBD isolate, but a host of herbal infusions, like peppermint, burdock, citrus, and licorice root extract for added therapeutic support.

NUYU has built their company on a strong foundation of scientific research, and the belief that natural products can offer the most potent healing.