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Elev8 Brands, Inc. Improves Lives of Professional Athletes With Newest Partnership

Elev8 Brands, Inc. is connecting with athletes seeking to improve their health and performance through CBD use in its new partnership with Linda Bos of Outwest 505 Distributing and the New Mexico Runners, a professional arena soccer team based in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.

According to Healthline, many current and former professional athletes in various sports are endorsing the use of CBD. With more athletes looking to improve their health and performance with CBD-infused products, such as creams and beverages, Elev8 Brands, Linda Bos of Outwest 505 Distributing and the New Mexico Runners can connect to the athlete community in Rio Rancho and reach those who are interested in benefiting from CBD.

“We understand that CBD has the ability to promote alertness and boost energy along with encouraging faster and better muscle recovery for our athletes,” says Andres Trujillo, team owner and president of the New Mexico Runners. “Since CBD is more readily available, partnering with Elev8 Brands and Linda Bos of Outwest 505 Distributing means we can offer our athletes products to help them feel and perform at their best.”

This partnership comes as the New Mexico Runners kickstart their second professional area soccer team season in the Major Arena Soccer League 2 and as Outwest 505 Distributing grows its footprint in New Mexico and expands the business into Arizona.

“As a result of our focus on the benefits of CBD and Elev8 Hemp beverages, I’ve seen sales rise,” Linda Bos of Outwest 505 Distributing explains. “Since local customers are buying up to four ready-to-drink teas at a time, stores went from buying one 12-pack case per week to four cases per week. To keep up with high demand, we just ordered five pallets of product. Once our geographic expansion is complete, we expect to order eight pallets a month and divide it up to meet the needs of retailers in both New Mexico and Arizona. All of this growth is exciting for everyone involved.”

For Ryan Medico, Elev8 Hemp’s CEO, this partnership means a strong start to what he believes will be another successful year.

“Linda has been incredible to work with,” Ryan says. “It’s strong partnerships like this one that get us excited about our continued growth in the CBD space. We hope to build upon our success in the new year and continue to align Elev8 Hemp with organizations like the New Mexico Runners who immediately understand the value of our products.”