Root Wellness CBD

Cannabis Company to Plant Trees in Australia After Devastating Bushfires

Root Wellness CBD is starting its #ROOTFORAUSTRALIA reforestation campaign. The campaign is an effort to replant and replace trees throughout the devastated regions of Australia that have been affected by the recent wildfires.

Since inception, Root Wellness CBD has donated proceeds from orders to tree-planting efforts throughout the world. Due to the recent events in Australia, the company has decided to focus all of its force into the Root For Australia campaign from now until April 2020. The campaign takes proceeds from every single order of Root Wellness CBD products and will use them to replant trees throughout Australia.

Drought has plagued Australia since 2017. In September, the unthinkable happened as mass fires engulfed Australian states. Sparking first in Queensland and New South Wales, the fires quickly spread throughout the rest of the country. The most severe and vast burning has taken place in the state of New South Wales where almost four million hectares have been destroyed by the fires, burning everything in its path including more than 1,500 homes and displacing the families that occupied them. Entire ecosystems have been reduced to ashes, leaving what is left of the native species such as koalas, kangaroo, and wombats with no relief or sustainable homes to offer retreat.

“Root Wellness has always carried the mission to give back to the earth that our products are made from,” said Robert Crossley, CEO of Root Wellness CBD. “Given the current circumstances, we felt it was of absolute importance that we direct our contributions accordingly. Root Wellness was founded on the premise of making an impact on the root of environmental problems while simultaneously offering products that nourish the mind and body. Root Wellness offers a wide variety of CBD-infused products and has partnered with One Tree Planted, with the promise of planting one tree for every order we receive. For our #RootforAustralia campaign, we will be doubling our commitment.”