Sun+Earth Certified Approves First Five Oregon Producers of Regenerative Organic Cannabis

Sun+Earth Certified, a nonprofit regenerative organic certification program for the cannabis industry, has approved its first five businesses in Oregon, including four farms—East Fork Cultivars, Green Source Gardens, Oshala Farm, and Phoenix Rising Farms—and cannabis products manufacturer Luminous Botanicals. To kick off its expansion into Oregon, Sun+Earth is hosting a press conference on Monday, February 3 at 10am, announcing its first certifications in the state.

The Sun+Earth seal guarantees that certified farms cultivate cannabis—and that product manufacturers source cannabis—that is grown under the sun, in carefully tended living soils, and cultivated with techniques that uphold strict criteria to ensure application of regenerative organic farming practices. Sun+Earth is furthermore committed to human empowerment and community engagement, and seeks to ensure cannabis production benefits family farmers and workers through price premiums, a guaranteed living wage, and collective bargaining. For more on Sun+Earth Certified, go to:

One of the first Sun+Earth Certified businesses in the state, East Fork Cultivars is a 33-acre farm in the small town of Takilma, in Southern Oregon’s Illinois River Valley. East Fork grows 13 acres of CBD-rich cannabis for Oregon’s adult-use program and the broader hemp market. Luminous Botanicals manufactures full-spectrum tonics, gelcaps, and topicals using cannabis from Sun+Earth Certified farms East Fork Cultivars and Green Source Gardens. With a manufacturing facility in Portland, Luminous Botanicals supplies its products to more than 100 dispensaries across Oregon.

As more and more US states change laws to allow for the responsible adult consumption of cannabis, and as public opinion in favor of lifting federal prohibition on the plant increases, Sun+Earth is poised to become the leading standard in the industry: demonstrating how cannabis can be cultivated ethically, ecologically, and with minimal carbon footprint. Sun+Earth Certified aims to be the pathway to a future in which cannabis is cultivated through regenerative organic agriculture at a scale that is large enough to supply growing US market demands.