PURA Explores Adding Cannabis Edibles and Topicals to Existing Beverage Offerings

Puration, Inc. (USOTC: PURA) today announced exploring the acquisition of cannabis edible and topical operations to its current acquisition targets. PURA recently revealed plans to pursue the prevailing cannabis consolidation market opportunity by acquiring smaller cannabis infusion companies. Multiple cannabis investment market analysts have forecasted a market wide consolidation as larger cannabis sector firms acquire smaller firms. In addition to exploring the acquisition of other cannabis infused beverage operations, PURA has also publicly begun exploring the acquisition of Kali-Extracts’ (USOTC: KALY) CBD confections business. PURA anticipates making a formal offer to KALY within the next 10 days. In reaction to PURA’s evaluation of the prospective opportunity to fold KALY’s CBD confections business into PURA’s operations, PURA management sees a substantial opportunity in pursuing the acquisition of additional cannabis edible businesses. The edibles expansion analysis led to the prospective evaluation of similarly pursuing cannabis topical acquisitions. PURA is now actively building an acquisition pipeline of cannabis infused beverages, edibles and topicals.

PURA currently produces the leading CBD beverage in the sports nutrition market, EVERx CBD Sports Water. EVERx now has distribution in Europe, Latin America and Africa in addition to within the United States. PURA management believes the company is well staged for acquiring and growing additional cannabis infused beverages, foods and topicals. PURA has built expertise and resources to infuse cannabis into beverages and finds that the expertise is applicable to food and topical infusions.