This week, Oregon-based HempLogic will be unveiling Mobile Starts, a state-of-the-art mobile hemp seed propagation technology from Italy with the potential to transform hemp farming as we know it. With a goal of providing 20 million seedlings this year, Mobile Starts will help farms of all sizes; from large hemp operations to small co-ops, to buy and propagate their seeds. It answers the ever-pressing question of how can we propagate hemp seedlings at scale?

In essence, Mobile Starts is a high-powered seed-line on wheels that comes to your farm or greenhouse. It sets the hemp seed into a tray configuration of the farmer’s choice at up to 1000 trays an hour, allowing farmers to be in control of their own seedlings while cutting out the middleman for seedlings or clones. And because it’s mobile, it has the capability of producing and delivering seed trays to virtually every corner of the United States.

Mobile Starts has teamed up with Colorado CBD Seeds for high-end stable CBD genetics to offer clients who need a turn-key program. CFO Marc Brannigan says, “We are really excited to be able to supply HempLogic and Mobile Starts with Colorado CBD Genetics this year. It’s a revolutionary service, one that we can plug into our seed sale pipeline and help our farmers get into the ground.”

Mobile Starts will offer start-up consulting services to their clients, to ensure a smooth start for the seedlings. The complete package includes:

  • Genetics selection
  • Seed propagation
  • Greenhouse construction
  • Temporary hoop houses
  • Consulting services

HempLogic is America’s Hemp Industry Resource, offering hemp farms an array of specialized services to support their success in the hemp industry. From stabilized genetics, seeds and clones to consulting and farming contracts, HempLogic’s services are designed to make hemp agriculture as seamless as possible for farmers. Founded by a group of experienced agriculture and business professionals with an unmatched track record of collective success, this team understands that farmers need expert counsel from seed to sale in this growing industry.