MustGrow Announces Batch Production of Liquid Product for Further Testing as a Bio-Pesticide and Bio-Herbicide

MustGrow Biologics Corp. announced this week that it has batch-produced 200 liters (53 gallons) of its mustard-derived liquid product for further testing as both a bio-pesticide and bio-herbicide.  Independent third party research facilities will be performing a series of tests on soil-borne pests & diseases and hard-to-kill weeds to generate additional efficacy data

MustGrow’s signature bio-pesticide products are derived from mustard seed, utilizing the mustard plant’s natural defense mechanism as a pre-plant soil treatment. MustGrow’s granular product is already approved by the EPA across several U.S. states and by Health Canada’s PMRA (Pest Management Regulatory Agency) as a fruit, vegetable, turf and ornamental bio-pesticide.  MustGrow is now leveraging its existing granular registrations to procure a new registration for its Liquid Formulation, which utilizes the same mustard-derived approach.  MustGrow’s Liquid Formulation may be applied through standard drip or spray equipment, improving functionality and performance features such as concentration of active ingredient, more efficacious results, and ease of handling.

MustGrow’s patented mustard-derived natural biologic products have consistently demonstrated efficacious benefits similar to synthetic chemicals, but without the harmful safety, profile often associated with these chemical products. The need for natural bio-pesticides and bio-herbicides is increasing as farmers, consumers and regulators seek ‘natural biological’ alternatives to synthetic chemicals.

An independent third party facility will be performing a series of tests on two hard-to-kill weeds to generate additional efficacy data on MustGrow’s Liquid Formulation for use as a bio-herbicide. As previously reported, MustGrow had completed a series of application rate tests with Canada’s National Research Council to determine the applicability of MustGrow’s natural mustard-derived technology as a bio-herbicide. Using multiple application methods, herbicidal control was achieved after only 72 hours – controlling the trial plants from the root up. This strong data validated MustGrow’s natural science-based approach, utilizing the mustard seed’s natural defence mechanism, not only as a bio-pesticide, but also as a bio-herbicide.  

MustGrow’s existing patent portfolio protects both method-of-use and composition-of-matter claims for MustGrow’s signature mustard-derived approach to controlling unwanted pests, diseases, and now weeds.