New Book by Roger Obando, Serves as a Definitive Guide to The Power of Minority Leadership in Cannabis

According to tech expert and author, Roger Obando, where there is optionality, there is an opportunity – to grow, to iterate, and to evolve. In the new book, The Highest Common Denominator – Elevating Your Base Self ( $24.95), Obando, the co-founder and former CTO of Baker Technologies, shares techniques and strategies aimed at minority business owners in an attempt to inspire innovation, diversity and inclusion in the emerging cannabis industry. Cannabis heavy hitters and renowned advocates of minority communities have eagerly lent their words to Obando’s narrative, and continue to push for fair legislation and representation in all areas of the cannabis industry with inclusions by renowned NFL legend and cannabis advocate and entrepreneur Marvin Washington, Ricky Williams, Heisman Trophy winner and CEO of Real Wellness, and other notable names in both cannabis and entrepreneurial arenas.

As co-founder of the pioneering cannabis CRM platform, Baker Technologies, which was acquired in a ten-figure merger with TILT Holdings, Obando catalyzed his experience as a Duke-educated CTO in traditional industries to the emerging, risky, and disruptive cannabis industry. Launching a product in the early stages of legalization was a testament to Obando’s desire to elevate not only himself, but a plant and community that were poised to shift the paradigm of wellness, empowerment, and liberty. The son of immigrants, he knew all too well the disproportionate lack of opportunity offered to him growing up in New Jersey. Without access, he needed to be creative, and so, Obando created opportunity.

Leaders in the Industry including Sports, Publishing and Technology

“The Highest Common Denominator – Elevating Your Base Self, is a testament to the power of minority leadership, building a network that enhances your net worth, and advocating for underrepresented segments of our society that have been severely disproportionately affected by the War on Drugs,” says Obando. “I am a minority, a cannabis consumer, and technologist,” says Roger. “Reconciling those three versions of myself was only possible in this incredible and burgeoning industry, which is now fundamentally altering our society, our industries, and our health.”

“I know – all too well – the immense struggle of pursuing your dream, fighting baseless stereotypes, and working towards a healthy mind and body,” says Marvin Washington. “To partner with Roger on creating a platform to elevate our thinking to a higher plane is a significant step in advocating for all groups to pursue their best journey.

Obando continues to align with cannabis supporters who are pushing for fairer legislation with a commitment to elevating minority communities through entrepreneurialism. He was featured in the award-winning publication, High Times, as well as numerous other podcasts, articles, and feature pieces in technology, cannabis, and entrepreneurialism.

Readers and advocates can visit to learn more. The Highest Common Denominator is available on Amazon.

Roger Obando is a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in software development and consulting in both enterprise and start-up worlds. His most recent venture Baker Technologies, a software platform focused exclusively on helping companies in the cannabis industry build and retain relationships with their customers, was merged into TILT Holdings in late 2018 in a large-scale merger/acquisition deal, leading to his successful exit.

Prior to this, Roger spent years working with large established interactive agencies, including almost a decade working with Tier One companies in the digital media and technology spaces. He made the decision in early 2004 to enter the product space, consulting with start-up companies, transitioning to senior technology positions at Mobile Roadie and Kamino Labs. He has a B.A. in Computer Science and Visual Design from Duke University.