Drop Delivery and Alt Thirty Six Partner To Launch Cashless Digital Payments for Cannabis Dispensaries and Delivery Companies

 Drop Delivery, announced our strategic partnership with Alt Thirty Six, a digital payment and compliance platform, to provide cashless digital payments for our dispensary and delivery customers.

The World Health Organization has recently recommended people avoid using cash in order to limit spreading the COVID-19 virus, increasing the need to provide solutions for customers who are seeking cashless digital payment options for their purchases. With curbside pickup and delivery options quickly becoming the new norm for cannabis consumers, digital payments have not yet been widely available due to conflicting regulations. Alt Thirty Six’s solutions enable retailers to offer fully compliant cashless digital payments for their customers similar to a ‘Venmo’ for Cannabis. As an ACH originator, Alt Thirty Six facilitates electronic payments by allowing the customer to quickly and securely connect their bank account and initiate a bank transfer via the automated clearinghouse. The partnership between Drop Delivery and Alt Thirty Six will allow cannabis retailers to continue to serve their customers while prioritizing each customer’s safety and that of their employees as well.

“Our goal has always been to empower businesses with the best technology to help them run efficiently and to properly service their customers. We are excited to partner with Alt Thirty Six to further our mission of providing a convenient, compliant and, most of all, safe experience for our clients during this time,” said Vanessa Gabriel, co-founder, and CEO of Drop Delivery.

“We’re proud to partner with a leading technology partner such as Drop Delivery to improve the efficiency of cannabis businesses while keeping dispensary employees and patients safe during this critical period. We’ll continue to find new and innovative ways to support our customers throughout this crisis,” said Ken Ramirez, co-founder, and CEO of Alt Thirty Six.

Alt Thirty Six currently operates in Arizona, California, Oregon and Massachusetts, and is awaiting approval in five more states.