Green Hygienics Holdings Inc. Earns USDA Organic Certification for its Farm in California

Green Hygienics Holdings has received USDA Organic Certification for its 824-acre farm plus 400,000 square feet of greenhouse space.

“GRYN has one of the largest single USDA Organic Certified Industrial Hemp for CBD farms in North America. Having the capacity to provide a secure supply chain of considerable size is a very significant and a clear strategic advantage for the future Company,” stated GRYN CEO Ron Loudoun, “This is a great milestone to have achieved. The demand for organic product is growing rapidly with increasing consumer concerns around product efficacy. USDA Organic Certification is the foundation in our objective to supply the underserved medical and pharmaceutical industry,” Link to view the property:

The USDA Organic seal is one of the most recognized certifications among US consumers and provides another level of assurance to shoppers who may be concerned about the safety of CBD products. In addition to assuring that no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides have been used in the cultivation of hemp, the USDA organic certification ensures that farmers are using tillage and cultivation practices that maintain or improve the condition of soil and minimize soil erosion through crop rotations, cover crops and the application of plant and animal materials.