Canna Hemp™’s Proprietary Blend of Terpenes Sets Them Apart in the CBD Industry

Nevada-based brand Canna Hemp has been touted as a CBD company to watch in 2020, but what makes Canna Hemp™’s products so unique?

Canna Hemp has been setting the standard for high-quality CBD wellness products since its inception in 2016, releasing specialty lines that run the gamut from tinctures and capsules to topical creams and beauty products. Canna Hemp has also released a niche product line, Canna Hemp X, which is specifically geared towards consumers leading an active lifestyle, with balms, creams and elixirs intended for use after intense exercise.

One of the company’s most interesting selling points is that many of their products are made utilizing their own proprietary blend of terpenes, TerpFX™, which are designed to mimic profiles of cannabis strains, producing various effects. These terpenes work in tandem with the CBD in Canna Hemp™ ‘s products to enhance the user experience.

Terpenes are aromatic oils found in the same glands of the cannabis plant that produce the chemicals (called cannabinoids) THC and CBD. While both CBD and THC are used as health products, CBD does not produce the feeling of being “high” that is generally associated with cannabis products. For this reason, Canna Hemp™ ‘s products are non-psychoactive and can be taken by anyone.

Terpenes are a major component in the differing effects of various cannabis strains, and different terpenes are associated with different benefits, qualities, and distinctive flavor and scent profiles. Terpenes likely evolved in the cannabis plant for the same reason that many flowering plants have a distinctive odor, to attract pollinators.

Terpenes are the reason why different strains of cannabis smell and taste different from one another. For example, a few common flavors produced by terpenes might have the qualities of “mint,” or “citrus,” or even “blueberry.”  Scientists have identified over 100 different types of terpenes, all with their own individual effects.

Creating their own proprietary blend of terpenes allows Canna Hemp a greater range of diversity in their products, and greater control over the final outcome of each product they develop, unlike many other CBD products on the market. The brand’s adherence to the strictest level of quality control has helped them to stand out as a trusted name in the CBD industry. Canna Hemp™ manufactures consistently high-quality products with well-sourced ingredients, which has set them up for success as they continue their brand expansion throughout 2020.