Viola Announces First Harvest And Official Launch Of Detroit Cultivation Facility

 Viola, today its first harvest in the company’s Detroit, Michigan cultivation facility. The announcement also marks the official launch of Viola’s fully operational Detroit facility bringing over 10 strains to market.

The harvest launch arrives on the heels of The Provision Center retail location that opened late 2019 in the heart of Detroit. Using Viola’s original genetics, the harvest brings a full grow of cured, ultra-premium flower to the Michigan market, including ATL, Keylime, Star Dog, Triangle Kush, Vader, Wifi, XXX, GG#4, Underdog OG, and Underdawg.

“The launch of our first harvest in the Detroit facility is a true testament to the growth, reception and overall expansion of the Viola brand,” said Al Harrington, founder of Viola. “We see so much opportunity and potential within the Detroit region which is why we’re putting such an emphasis on this particular harvest and using this facility to elevate our brand and most importantly the community.”

To celebrate the harvest launch, Viola which is deeply rooted in social equity has also announced the kick-off of their limited-edition apparel line that pays homage to the Detroit launch available online at Proceeds of every purchase will benefit both the George Floyd Foundation and the Breonna Taylor Foundation.

The Michigan harvest marks the culmination of Viola’s ever growing expansion into markets across the country. This launch is the first rollout as the brand prepares to further its footprint in Maryland, Nevada, Oklahoma, Missouri and Arizona.