Weekend Unlimited Industries Brand Wins First Place for Edible Gummies and Distillate Carts at the Inaugural 2020 Noble Cup in Oklahoma City

 Weekend Unlimited Industries Inc. announced that its WKND! brand won first place for best edible gummy and best distillate cart at the inaugural Noble Cup on July 11, 2020. “This recognition of our WKND! branded products at Noble Cup in Oklahoma is very big accomplishment for the company” says WKND! chief executive officer, Chris Backus. “It is an honor to receive two first-place awards in a competition that celebrates the best products in Oklahoma.  We look forward to further establishing the brand by providing a wide range of trusted products to the medicinal use community in Oklahoma.””Two first place awards speak to the quality of the products and the strength of the WKND! brand in Oklahoma.  Our goal is to continually set the bar higher to deliver products we believe meet the needs of our customers”, says Travis Hunter, president and CEO of Ruby Mae’s LLC, the licensed entity in Oklahoma which produces and processes cannabis products for the WKND! brand in the state.The Noble Cup is Oklahoma’s premier cannabis conference and was founded for the purpose of celebrating the best of the cannabis industry Cannabis industry in Oklahoma. The one-day event featured over 100+ entries ranging across every product category with the products being judged offsite by local cannasseurs.