Curaleaf’s Select Brand Expands Into Florida Medical Market

 Curaleaf Holdings, Inc. announced that it would launch its line of Select brand products into Florida, starting with its Select Elite Live cartridges.  

Select, known as America’s #1 Cannabis Oil Brand, has been on a path of rapid expansion since Curaleaf acquired it in February 2020. Select products are now available at independent dispensaries across 12 states, including Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, Massachusetts, and Maine. The Select brand will continue to expand across the U.S., with its launch into Ohio’s medical market later this month.

As a recognized industry leader, Select is committed to maintaining the highest quality control standards and testing transparency and delivering the best experience possible. Select Elite Live is the brand’s new enhanced live resin product, which combines high-quality THC oil and live resin high-terpene extract. Curaleaf looks forward to unveiling more of Select’s leading product offerings to Florida’s medical patients soon, including the brand’s best-selling high potency broad spectrum Select Elite cartridges, later this year.

“With Select’s expansion into Florida, we are making excellent progress in creating the first nationally recognized cannabis brand in the U.S.,” said Joe Bayern, President at Curaleaf. “Beyond that, it allows us to better serve our medical patients with a variety of products that undergo the most stringent and progressive oil testing standards in the industry.”

Florida’s continued growth in patient registration makes it one of the nation’s fastest-growing medical cannabis markets in the country. Currently, there are over 377,000 medical patients enrolled in the Florida program – about 1.7% of the state’s population – with approximately 5,000 new patients joining each week.

By way of the Medical Use of Medical Marijuana Act, vertically integrated (seed to sale) operations are required in the state. Therefore, Select products will be sold exclusively at Curaleaf’s 28 dispensary locations in Florida. Last month, Curaleaf launched its new Sublingual Tablets – a first-to-market product solely available to Florida patients. These cube-shaped, berry-flavored bites provide a discreet, sugar-free yet fruity alternative form of medication. Sold in 30-piece jars, Curaleaf Sublingual Tablets contain 5mg of high-quality cannabis oil per piece, which allows patients to manage their treatment plan with confidence and ease. To see Curaleaf’s dispensary locations in Florida, please visit