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Cannformatics Receives Approval For Pilot Study Identifying Cannabis-Responsive™ Biomarkers In Children With Autism

 Cannformatics, announced it has received Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval to conduct a pilot study to identify cannabis-responsive biomarkers in children with autism spectrum disorder. 

An IRB is an FDA regulated committee that is formally designated to approve or reject, monitor and review biomedical research involving human subjects. The IRB ensures study activities conducted by Cannformatics are in accordance with the rights and welfare of all human participants.

“Receiving IRB approval is an important milestone for Cannformatics as it shows our commitment to providing medical and scientific data that improves medical cannabis wellness outcomes,” said Cannformatics CEO and cofounder Dr. Itzhak Kurek.

The study is being conducted in conjunction with Bonni Goldstein, MD, a Los Angeles-based pediatrician who specializes in cannabis medicine and is the Medical Director for CannaCenters, a California-based medical practice devoted to educating patients about the use of cannabis for serious and chronic medical conditions. To qualify for participation in the study, all children with ASD are required to be current patients of Dr. Goldstein. 

Dr. Goldstein stated, “Identifying cannabis-responsive biomarkers furthers scientific understanding of the role cannabis plays in regulating the endocannabinoid system in children with autism. Today I have patients who are responding well to medical cannabis treatment with an improvement in quality of life and minimal side effects. I am optimistic that the data from this study will lead to more positive outcomes for children with autism.”