Bazelet launches first-of-the kind, proprietary, terpene-enriched medical cannabis oils specially designed for medical needs

 Bazelet, has made a breakthrough in medical cannabis products, in launching multiple lines of terpene-enriched cannabis oils, each one of which being specifically designed for one of various indications, symptoms and personal needs. Bazelet terpene-enriched products are optimized for woman health, for elderly population needs, for specific types of pains (muscle, joint, neuropathic), and for improved night sleep etc. Bazelet also provides patent-protected terpene blends to be added to extracts produced in North America.

Bazelet has invented a unique way of formulating of medical cannabis oils. Bazelet, doesn’t depend on developing new strains in order to form a large variety of better-performing new oils. Instead, Bazelet’s TOP technology generates improved new oils by blending extracts and by controlling their terpene content, particularly by enriching with scientific-based terpenes selection.

Cannabis inflorescence contains 10-20 different terpenes, varying in amount and proportion and determining the characteristic aroma of the various strains. Processing modifies the terpenes content and, most importantly the terpene profile. Terpenes content of oils is, in many cases, less than one half that of inflorescence and the proportion of low-boiling point terpenes in oil is much smaller than that in the inflorescence.

But this is not mainly about aroma. Terpenes play an important medical role, individually (as in aromatherapy) and, more importantly, in modulating the activity of the cannabinoids in the cannabis oil. Generating oils of exactly selected terpenes composition is easy and is achieved by simple industrial processes. Undesired terpenes are removed by evaporation, while desired terpenes are added, typically ones sourced from plants other than cannabis, e.g. lavender and citrus. The terpene content of Bazelet oils is 50-100% greater than those of common cannabis oils and are therefore referred to as terpenes-enriched.

While manufacturing many formulations of exact composition is straightforward, the main challenge is to discover the preferred composition for each indication or symptom. Some players in the cannabis industry try to collect as much of the terpenes lost during processing and add them back to the oil in order to regenerate the terpene profile of the inflorescence. This approach is questionable, keeping in mind the obvious – the terpene profile of each strain is selected by nature to serve the needs of the plant, e.g. protection from plant diseases, rather than to serve human needs.    

Bazelet’s scientific arm, has devoted the last four years to finding which terpenes improves the performance of the cannabis oil for each indication or symptom and which ones have a negative effect. Bazelet has found that given terpenes are helpful in particular indications, but impair the effect in others.  Analysis of big data from hundreds of thousands of users, careful study of pre-clinical and clinical data and deep dive into mechanisms of action resulted in formulations specifically designed for different indications. Bazelet has filed about a dozen of patent application families to protect its terpenes-enriched formulations.   

As a demonstration, Bazelet has a series of oils for night use and another one for day use. Almost everyone in the cannabis area knows of Indica and Sativa strains, believed to be more suitable for night use and for day use, respectively. What is much less known is that the majority of the terpenes responsible for the difference between the Indica nature and the Sativa nature are lost in the oil manufacturing, so that oils produced from Indica plants do not have Indica nature more than those from Sativa plants. Bazelet enriches its oils with the lost terpenes, but not only with those. Further improvement is gained by enriching with selected terpenes, for example enriching Sativa oils with terpenes that increase focus and alertness, making it more suitable for day function.

Bazelet technology has an additional attractive feature. In addition to the production of terpenes-enriched oils, Bazelet is ready to supply patent-protected terpenes blends to be added to extracts produced in other Geographies. Since the terpenes are extracted from sources other than cannabis, there is no limitation on shipment. Additionally, as the total amount of terpene blend to be added is about 1-2% of the final oil, a small barrel of a given blend is sufficient for the manufacturing of large amounts of terpene-enriched oil.