Cannabis Club TV Launches Partnership with Headset to Offer Dispensaries Automated Menu Boards

Cannabis Club TV  has launched a partnership with, a retail business intelligence platform, which will streamline the way dispensary managers maintain in-store menu boards, sync point of sale data, and enhance the customer in-store experience.

This new location data management platform solves 2 problems:

  • Eliminates 100’s of employee data entry hours
  • Mitigates negative in-store customer experiences

“Our company is here to provide services that help customers, content providers, brand partners and the dispensary,” said Danny Keith, Cannabis Club TV CEO and founder. “The partnership with and Cannabis Club TV now provides automated menu boards on over 14 different point of sales in the cannabis industry, ensuring payroll savings for the dispensary and inventory accuracy for customers.”

The system automatically updates in-store menu boards in real-time, assuring that the items listed are available and in stock, and is compatible with multiple POS platforms.

“Having an updated and accurate in-store menu display ensures a great customer experience,” said CY Scott, CEO and co-founder of Headset. “With Headset and Cannabis Club TV, retailers and dispensaries are able to sync in-store menu items directly from the point-of-sale, freeing up valuable resources previously utilized to manually update and edit menus, saving time and money.”

Dispensary managers can update content and customize the menu board background to match the decor and aesthetic of their store, or add promotional or seasonal graphics quickly and easily.

“At One Love Beach Club our patients are the most important to us. Cannabis Club TV eliminates the job of daily manual updating of menus, saving payroll by freeing up another budtender to help customers. It’s been an amazing addition to our dispensary,” said Jeremy Abrams, owner of One Love Beach Club.

This customizable, integrated system is currently available in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Washington.

About Cannabis Club TV (CCTV)
Cannabis Club TV (CCTV) is the first broadcasting OOH/OTTtv/PPV (Out of Home//Over the Top TV/Pay Per View) network devoted to the cannabis industry, certified by Tommy Chong – at dispensaries, on the internet, on your home TV and via mobile app. CCTV strives to educate and entertain consumers while providing an affordable, high visibility advertising solution to industry brands. For more information visit

About Headset
Headset is a data and analytics service provider for the cannabis industry, with a mission to help operators make more informed business decisions through data. Headset focuses on consumer transaction information to help cannabis retailers better optimize operations while leveraging aggregate and retailer-direct sales data to provide product manufacturers, processors, and distributors the tools to identify trends and opportunities, stay competitive, and collaborate with customers.  For more information visit

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