HollyWeed North Cannabis Inc. Sign Manufacturing Agreement with TA Structures

Using patent pending HEPA Downdraft atmosphere control, self-clean and sterilization systems, a positive pressure grow chamber, multiple active proprietary mold and contaminant elimination technologies (among other cutting edge technologies), the TerraCube is a reinvention of pharmaceutical-grade horticulture that promises to deliver repeatable, clean, contaminant-free plant mass, with a predictable chemical profile, for numerous medical applications, that can now be developed from natural, rather than artificial, components.

In making the announcement, Renee Gagnon states: “We are very pleased to be partnering with TA Structures, whose diverse manufacturing competencies in producing industrial and commercial structures, longstanding ISO registration and commitment to exemplary quality assurance standards and respected standing in the community, made them an ideal choice for bringing TerraCube to the mass market.”

Nigel Watson, Manufacturing Manager of TA Structures stated: “The TerraCube technology package offers a new horizon for plant-based medication and an excellent opportunity for TA to further diversify our production and strengthen our standing as an important regional employer and corporate community member.”

About HollyWeed North Cannabis Inc. & TerraCube International Inc.:

HollyWeed North operates as licenser and publisher of their partner’s intellectual properties (recipes, formulas, etc.) and distribute products within legal jurisdictions, extending partner brands into multiple markets. The company provides cross-border cannabis product research, development, licensing and legal production services for individuals, companies, and associations. Their goal is to provide continuous quality and compliance oversight in all areas of business operations to exceed regulatory requirements.

TerraCube International Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of HWN and is a developer and manufacturer of advanced horticultural technologies with a strong focus on creating systems and tools for growing replicatable, pharmaceutical-grad plant mass that can be used in the production of botanical-based medical regimes.

About Twin Anchors-TA Structures

Founded in 1977, Twin Anchors Manufacturing is a progressive manufacturing company with a diverse range of products designed, developed and produced for regional, domestic and international markets, servicing the marine, oil and gas, forestry, agriculture and mining sectors.

Through its wholly owned division, TA Structures operates form a 50,000 sq. ft. production facility in Sicamous, BC, with decades of experience producing durable camps, dorms and office structures as well as high-quality, modular housing and manufactured homes. In 2019, TA combined its broad specialized skill base to manufacture advanced botanical replication modules- the TerraCubeTM, for global distribution.

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