PharmaCann Inc., announced the launch of matter.lite, a line of lower potency cannabis products, which are available at the Company’s Illinois Verilife dispensaries.

“Our new matter.lite product line was developed to meet the needs of patients and customers interested in a more mild cannabis experience,” said Brett Novey, Chief Executive Officer of PharmaCann. “This new collection of products is perfect for newer users interested in exploring the benefits of cannabis, or for experienced users interested in a lower potency cannabis option.”

The new matter.lite product line currently includes gummies, vapes, and tinctures.

  • The 2.5mg THC, 10-pack matter.lite gummies are available in 1:1 and 1:0 THC|CBD options, and are offered in mango and raspberry flavors.
  • The matter.lite lower-potency 0.5g vape cartridge, Blue Dream, is 1:1 THC|CBD, which is approximately half the potency of a traditional vape.
  • The matter.lite raspberry tincture, with absorption technology that aids in a faster onset, is offered in 1mg THC drops.

“We are responding to requests for products that are available for a variety of consumption needs,” said Mehul Patel, Chief Operating Officer of PharmaCann. “Our matter.lite line broadens our diverse menu and provides our Verilife patients and customers with an optimal combination of offerings to improve their lives through cannabis.”