CBD Healthcare company Opticann launches ArthroCBD, a line of scientifically proven softgel capsules

ArthroCBD is a softgel capsule with 25 mg of CBD and 6 mg of Beta caryophyllene, and is formulated using VESIsorb®, which provides dramatically improved 4.4x absorption versus competitive oral CBD products on the market. These absorption levels result in rapid onset of action and long-lasting relief. ArthroCBD also has all traces of THC removed to avoid the problematic adverse effect people can get from many other hemp-based products.

The softgel capsules are available in 45 count and 90 count for $129.99 and $179.99 respectively with a limited 15 count introductory trial size for $39.99 exclusively on arthrocbd.com.

“We are excited to launch our clinically tested ArthroCBD softgel capsules for those seeking relief from physical strain every day,” said Umar Syed, President, Medical Products. “Physicians, pharmacists, and other health care practitioners all want the same thing – to provide the best treatment for patients with the least side effects. ArthroCBD now provides that option for a highly effective hemp-based CBD product.”

Opticann market research shows that patients seek new treatment methods with fewer side effects than traditional pharmaceutical treatments — 80% of pain patients are interested in learning more about CBD as a treatment but on average only 15% have tried any CBD products. Much of the problem with other CBD products is the lack of effect due to poor absorption as only 8-10% of product is absorbed. The patented VESIsorb® technology increases this absorption by 4.4X in clinical studies, resulting in higher levels for better effect without any of the unwanted side effects associated with THC.

Carefully formulated CBD with pharmaceutical technology, high quality tested ingredients, and clinical testing to prove product performance is a logical step in the evolution of hemp-based CBD products. Our focus at Opticann is to finally provide patients and the medical and healthcare communities with products based on credible data that they can trust to work well and safely.

With more than three decades of experience in pharmaceutical medicine and OTC consumer marketing, Opticann’s team is bringing products to market to help many segments of the population suffering from chronic ailments. Opticann’s US products use VESIsorb®, a proven technology that helps boost the performance of pharmaceutical and wellness products. VESIsorb® dramatically improves the stability, reliable high absorption, rapid onset of action of products. VESIsorb® is backed by a robust body of supporting scientific evidence spanning several decades.

The ArthroCBD launch marks the first of a pipeline of over 7 new medicinal hemp-based CBD product offerings planned by Opticann.