dosist health CBD+ formulas advance the topical pain relief category with their unique blend of cannabinoids, delivering the very highest standards in potency, formulation design, absorption and packaging.

dosist™ Launches Advanced CBD+ Topical Collection to Help Address Pain

dosist™ announced the launch of its progressive new range of CBD+ topical products aimed at disrupting the pain category with all-natural solutions designed to help with pain relief. Launched under their newly created dosist health brand, the innovative relief products include three formats, the Relief Topical Performance Spray, Relief Topical CBD Lotion and a Relief Topical CBD Roll-on, now available at and exclusive US retailers.

“We spent the last 3 years developing topical analgesics formulated with precise measurements of cannabinoids and natural botanical ingredients in addition to sophisticated absorption technology to help mitigate pain and inflammation,” said Jason DeLand, executive chairman and co-founder of dosist. “We believe that happiness is the highest form of health, and each product within our dosist health CBD+ category is thoughtfully and scientifically engineered to help people improve their quality of life.”

dosist health relief formulas advance the topical category with their unique blend of cannabinoids, delivering the very highest standards in potency, formulation design, absorption, and packaging design. The complete suite of dosist health topical solutions is specifically designed to help relieve pain associated with general muscle soreness and inflammatory pain resulting from overuse, minor sports injuries or simply nagging pain from the stresses of everyday life.

Leading the relief topical category is the new Topical Performance Spray, which delivers an advanced formula with proprietary nanoblend™ technology for rapid absorption. This performance formula combines powerful CBD, CBG and CBC for a high concentration lightweight formula, designed with performance athletes in mind. The addition of active plant ingredients such as capsicum, menthol and arnica are proven to aid in relieving pain and inflammation and assist with physical recovery.

Next are the Topical CBD Lotion and Topical CBD Roll-On, each combining precise measured ratios of highly purified cannabinoids CBD and CBG with active plant ingredients such as capsicum and menthol, for high-concentration formulas to help with areas of pain, stiffness or soreness.

“Cannabinoids, terpenes and natural phytochemicals are incredible natural conduits in helping many quality-of-life needs that modern consumers face,” continued Jason DeLand.  “It is our mission to optimize these elements to unlock these needs through our scientific formulas, precision dosage and increased bioavailability, and we are thrilled to bring this platform to the topical pain relief category across the US today.”