1933 Industries Receives Adult-Use Distribution License in Nevada and Launches Exclusive Level X Brand

1933 Industries is pleased to announce that its cultivation subsidiary, Alternative Medicine Association (AMA), received approval for an Adult-Use Distribution License for the state of Nevada. The license allows the Company to transport its cannabis products directly to its wholesale accounts, without the need for an intermediary. It also enables the Company to distribute cannabis products for other licensees, while bolstering its supply chain and reducing the costs associated with third-party distribution.  
Level X
The Company is also pleased to announce the recent launch of its ultra-craft brand Level X, an exclusive collection of exotic strains, selected specifically for their distinctive terpene profiles, high THC levels, and flavonoids. Over a year in development, Level X flower is expertly cured, small batch grown and features buds that are meticulously selected and hand-trimmed. Cultivated by a best-in-class team in the Company’s state-of-the art indoor facility, Level X is the result of months of testing and evaluating distinctive cultivars in order to provide a unique product not currently available. “We are extremely pleased to introduce Milk Monkey as the first strain for our new brand,” said Mr. Ryan George, Director of Cultivation for AMA. “Level X diversifies our product line, focusing on top tier cannabis for the Las Vegas recreational market. It has been a long but productive journey to select, test and ensure that our new line meets the expectation of consumers seeking the best products that Las Vegas has to offer”.
The Level X brand will offer preferred limited-run strain drops on a rotational basis, with product available at selected dispensaries. Exclusive to Las Vegas, Level X will appeal to true cannabis connoisseurs.