Pure Craft CBD Launches New Watermelon-flavored Vegan CBD Gummies in Response to the Popular Demand of Its Gummies

Pure Craft CBD Launches New Watermelon-flavored Vegan CBD Gummies

Pure Craft CBD, a CBD brand that harnesses nanotechnology to make premium bio-available products, is launching new watermelon-flavored vegan CBD gummies, perfect for the summer.

A fan-favorite, Pure Craft CBD’s gummies are vegan and come with a third-party lab Certificates of Analysis (COA). The Nano CBD-Infused Broad-Spectrum Gummies utilize nanotechnology so they can be absorbed by the body at the fastest rate possible.

Pure Craft CBD’s Vegan Broad Spectrum gummies are each infused with 25mg of its Nano-Optimized Broad-Spectrum CBD. Pure Craft CBD has precisely formulated these gummies without any bitter, leafy aftertaste.

The new gummy products are available in 30-count jars, priced at $55. They are available for purchase here: https://purecraftcbd.com/collections/gummies

“At Pure Craft CBD, we’re dedicated to providing new, innovative and quality products for our consumers,” said Jason Navarrete, an 18-year cannabis industry veteran who is CEO, owner and founder of Pure Craft CBD. “Our assorted fruit gummies have always been a customer favorite and we can’t wait for them to try this new flavor. Perfect for summertime, these watermelon gummies are sweet and refreshing.”

Pure Craft CBD’s products are 90% bio-available, meaning that Pure Craft CBD products enter the body at a much quicker rate due to them being highly nanotized and broken down into particles that the body can immediately absorb. While many CBD companies attempting to nanotize their product have achieved 150–200 nanometers, Pure Craft CBD has broken that threshold to below 100 nanometers and, in some cases, as low as five nanometers.

Pure Craft CBD products, all produced in FDA-approved labs, follow the strictest guidelines and quality control measures, making them pharmaceutical grade. Pure Craft CBD offers 16 different cannabis products and free two-day shipping.