Octavius – Masters of Buds Enters Southern California Retail Market with exclusive launch at Sweet Flower

 Octavius – Masters of Buds announced a major retail milestone with its expansion into Southern California with its exclusive launch at Sweet Flower’s Los Angeles stores.

“The partnership with Sweet Flower grew out of our aligned passion for local community inclusion and a commitment to economic participation and success of BIPOC companies,” says CL Washington, Octavius MOB Brand Manager.

Octavius is committed to breaking through cannabis cliques and welcoming members of all walks of life to the global community of cannabis users and enthusiasts.

“We’re steadfastly committed to the fact that everyone deserves to experience the benefits of high-quality cannabis, which is why we are committed to diversity of thought and look.” – CL Washington, Octavius MOB Brand Manager

The launch of Octavius – MOB is among one of many examples demonstrating Sweet Flower’s commitment towards inclusivity. Sweet Flower locations currently feature BIPOC-owned brands at ten times the national average.

Sweet Flower is committed to hiring locally and inclusively. A job fair, hosted last month, led to the hiring of several Pasadena locals for their existing stores. Sweet Flower has also partnered with the Pasadena Community Coalition to sponsor local Expungement Clinics, and is committed to facilitate social equity licenses for African American and Latinx applicants in Pasadena and the greater Los Angeles area.

“Sweet Flower continues to put their time, effort and money where their mouth is, and we are happy to have written an MOU solidifying our partnership to include those most affected by the war on drugs” – Martin A. Gordon, Chair/CEO Pasadena Community Coalition.

“Sweet Flower is proud to have an 80% diverse workforce at all levels of the company. Our outreach to and support of local social equity license applicants and our partnership with communities of color to enhance the quality of life in the neighborhoods is well documented. Partnering with the Pasadena Community Coalition has been a catalyst to connecting with the community in furtherance of our mutual cannabis social & economic equity priorities.”– Timothy Dodd, CEO Sweet Flower.

Sweet Flower is an organization committed and dedicated to setting a new standard for modern cannabis retail that is inclusive, diverse, and approachable by all.