Cannalogic - Dispensary POS App, Dispensary Point Of Sale Software

 Home delivery became legal for privately-owned cannabis retailers last month bringing new opportunities for regulated businesses to better service their customers and compete with the illicit market. Several retailers, however, could not immediately take advantage of the new relaxed regulations because of the logistical challenges involved with creating their own delivery services. B.C. does not currently allow retailers to work with third-party delivery companies, meaning dispensaries are left to piece together the many essential technologies and support touchpoints themselves before they can begin offering home delivery services.

Cannalogic makes it easy for dispensaries to activate and operate same-day delivery services with a single platform that connects e-commerce with dispatch and delivery. Local Cannabis Co., a cannabis retailer in Vancouver Island, will be utilizing Cannalogic’s in-store, e-commerce, dispatch, driver and consumer apps (available on Apple and Android app stores) to route and dispatch efficiently, track proof of delivery, and provide a seamless customer experience.

“We are excited to be working with CannaLogic to support our future expansion plan into Vancouver,” says Gary H, Vice President Retail Operations of Local Cannabis Co.

Cannalogic offers us what no other provider can. A one-stop-shop with a full suite of software and apps for our in-store, e-commerce, and same-day delivery technical and marketing needs. What impressed me most is the level of real-time reporting that allows my team and I to know exactly what’s happening at all times.”

“Cannabis retailers have been looking forward to the day they can offer the convenience of same-day home delivery to their customers, and now the B.C. government has made that possible,” says Ronny Kadarishko, founder of Cannalogic.

We’re proud to have the solution that everyone is looking for and needs: One central platform with all the tools and logistical reporting that you need to scale and achieve your most ambitious goals in the cannabis retail and delivery space.”